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Name:The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fan community for Hellboy, BPRD and related works.
Welcome to [community profile] bprd.

This is a community dedicated to Dark Horse's Hellboy and it's spinoffs - BPRD, Lobster Johnson - in all its incarnations.

* Respect your fellow members.

* Anything spoilery/NSFW must go behind a cut and be properly labeled.

* Images bigger than 300x300 must go behind a cut.

* When making icon posts, previews can have up to three icons outside a cut.

* Any problems, contact your mod here

* No off-topic posting.

* When posting fanfiction, use the following header:

Warning: If any.

Anything else you'd like to add to said header - notes, dedications - is up to you.

* Have fun!

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abe sapien, anastasia bransfield, b.p.r.d., baba yaga, ben daimio, blood and iron, bprd, brpd, comics, doug jones, duncan fegredo, elizabeth sherman, guillermo del toro, guys davis, hellboy, jeffrey tambor, johann kraus, john arcudi, john hurt, kate corrigan, lobster johnson, luke goss, mike mignola, rasputin, roger the homunculus, ron perlman, ryan sook, selma blair, sword of storms, trevor bruttenholm, wendigo, witchfinder
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